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What our clients say about us...

I know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service, and I don't want you to just take my word that I am the best, I can tend to be biased. But you certainly can believe what my clients have to say. Here are what just a few of them have to say about my company, my technicians, and my service. All references are available upon request.


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Jeff, I would never use another company to clean my carpets, even if they offered it for FREE. I’ve used Complete Carpet Care for several years and have never been disappointed. You are always very prompt, extremely courteous and do a superbly professional job, and your prices are excellent! You’ve got my business forever!

- P. J. O’Hare, U.S. Navy


My friends told me that they had an amazing carpet cleaner. I am so glad we called Jeff. He always gets the job done. He gets out the stains everyone else can’t. He makes the carpet look brand new!! We wouldn’t use anyone else.

- Mercedes Vargas


Very happy with the friendly attitude and quick appointment. Carpets are very clean. Removed water from flood and pet stains are gone. - Jessica Hunt


We were ready to buy new carpet and at a friend’s suggestion, we saw her carpet and thought it was new. She told us about Complete Carpet Care. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and saved a lot of money not having to replace our carpet, now we have carpet good as new! - Herb Hartwell


Tech arrived on time. He was courteous, knowledgeable and attentive to my concerns. He covered all problem areas. Carpets are very clean. - M. Green, Retired

Arrived at scheduled time, did a meticulous job of cleaning the carpets, all the while extremely courteous. Refreshing to see someone that takes pride in their work! Great experience. - M. Ferri


I was very impressed with the technician’s knowledge and courteous attitude. He took the time to explain what he was going to do, what products he was going to use and what results I could expect from the cleaning. There were large areas of filtration in several rooms and one cleaning eliminated the problem. In addition to the filtration problem, there were many spots that occurred as a result of pet accidents. The technician was able to remove all of the spots and the pet odor associated with the spots. I was really amazed at how clean and odor free the carpets are now. With Complete Carpet Care my carpets were thoroughly cleaned in a professional and courteous manner. I have already recommended your company to several of my friends who want to have their carpets cleaned. Keep up the good work and I will definitely call you again.

- Ellen Green, U.S. Customs Inspector


Referred by a friend. Pet stains are removed. Everything was great, completely satisfied. I will recommend your services. - Marlene Mason


After my 1st carpet cleaning - about 10 years ago, I am very satisfied there won’t be another company that can offer all that Complete Carpet Care does. It is great having their crew come in neatly groomed, clean equipment and with a cordial and professional manner to make my carpets clean and spot free. I am the owner of a sheltie and he leaves his hair throughout the house but Jeff is ready when I call without delay. Such promptness is wonderful. - Dorothy B. Guill


Three cats, a dog and white carpet - a recipe for smelly, filthy, grimy floor covering! But with Complete Carpet Care, it is not a problem. Jeff Hubbard has kept my white carpet bright and looking new for many years. There were times when I didn’t think Jeff could take out the various stains…coffee, wine, pets (need I say more?) but every time the results were perfect! My house now smells fresh and the carpet looks brand new! - Meg Lemaster


Always are able to come within the time frame requested and always on time!

- Aimee Cummings


Complete Carpet Care is second to none. Every time I have used the service I could not have asked for a more courteous and caring technician. Jeff is very kind and caring. He really cares about his job and goes out of his way to accommodate every need I have. I highly recommend Jeff and have done so. - Anne Gwaltney


Thank you, Jeff. For many years you have taken care of our carpets, always doing a fantastic job. Your reliability and excellent work is greatly appreciated. How wonderful it is for me to be able to trust you to always do a wonderful job, without me even having to be home. You make my carpets look like we don’t even have dogs!! Thanks again! - Kris Cardwell, Lawyer


I was impressed with your recorded message about carpet care and choosing a competent company. I am breathing better. - Ann Litterst


Carpets are dryer and cleaner over any other company I’ve used.

- Lisa Emde, Vice President


We were very happy with the service and the job was well done. The owner was extremely knowledgeable and was helpful in explaining the procedure used to clean our carpet. - R. Benson


My room looks much better. I was very pleased with your service. - Kristine Bowler

Jeff is very personable, thorough, and professional. The overall experience is calm, quiet, and as non-disruptive as possible. - Phyllis Wells


I think they did a great job! - Jerry Schrage


I first used Complete Carpet Care to clean a stain on my sofa - this was done through the ‘Guardsman’ furniture warranty. I was so pleased with Jeff’s expertise, professionalism and thoroughness that I had him and a technician return at a later date to clean my den carpet (offwhite berber) and sofa, loveseat and 2 chairs. They arrived exactly on time and worked very diligently and carefully (respectful when moving furniture, careful of hardwood floors, etc.). The end result was a “looks like new” den and an extremely satisfied customer (one who’s very particular and not easy to please). - Susan Haggerty


Thank you for providing such courteous service. The work on my carpet caused my company to automatically remove their shoes! - Linda L. Caldwell


Jeff did an excellent job! He was very courteous and knowledgeable. Our carpets looked better than I expected, like new. I would definitely recommend him to friends & family. It is great to have wonderful looking carpet again for the holidays. I would definitely call again. - Marilyn Boyle


Excellent job by your technicians. Attention to detail and quality of work was excellent. I will definitely use your service again. - Tom Lynch


We have 18 year old off-white (Jute backing) carpet in our bedroom bath areas. We have maintained it fairly well but traffic areas and spots needed a good cleaning. Those areas needed redoing and Complete Carpet Care returned and took care of those problem areas to our satisfaction. We are satisfied and happy with the work done & plan to have our 3 oriental rugs taken to be done soon. - Dale Benson


Overall experience was excellent! - Amy Lee, College professor Great service, very knowledgeable, and very efficient and timely, did an excellent job!

- Rachel Ricketts


Jeff has been cleaning my carpets twice a year for about 10 years. I am most impressed with his promptness and he is very courteous. He’s the kind of person that I’m comfortable allowing into my home even while I’m not there. He’s always been very willing to help and his work has always been exemplary. I found Complete Carpet Care after hiring several other carpet cleaning companies that I was not satisfied with. Jeff was actually able to remove spots that they couldn’t, since then Complete Carpet Care has been the carpet cleaning company I use exclusively.

- Katie Humphrey


Very good work. On time, fast, thorough, and very willing to give advice even if it meant giving up the chance at an up-sell. - Justin Vann


This is our second time using your service and we are very well pleased with your work. You do a great job! We have lots of animals and your service helps keep our carpet clean and our indoor air clean also. You guys are very nice and I think you are the best! - J. C. Baines


I want to thank you for an outstanding job. Your service is the ultimate in professionalism and you are timely and courteous. Totally surprising with regard to results which I can only describe as dramatic! Your knowledge and professionalism about your subject is also impressive. The most notable difference, apart from the appearance of the carpet, is the freshness in the house….I can breathe again, thank you for that. We look forward to seeing you next year if not sooner. I’m going to recommend you highly to any other clients and on a scale of 1-10 you get an 11. So,

thank you very much Jeff and James and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future. - Nuala Galbari, Writer


Jeff, you and your associate were both professional and personable. I appreciated the reminder call the day before as well as your prompt arrival time. When you were done not only did I have clean rugs that looked new, but I really felt as though I got my money’s worth. I will be a repeat customer in the future. Thanks for a “Complete Carpet Care” job well done. - Tom White


You do a terrific, thorough job. Nice improvement with our upholstery also. - Kathy Rowse I like using local companies - you’re always available on short notice for me.

- Joelyn Goodman


Carpet never looked better! Thank you for great service and a great job! I’ve finally found a reliable, professional and excellent cleaning service! - Connie Glickman

Many cleaning vendors have come and gone over my 18 years with this company. Most because the thoroughness of work faded. Not the case with Complete Carpet Care! Their “yes” is “yes” and “no” is “no”. Every job completed with professional attention to detail. Outstanding outfit!

- Ted Lepski, Owner - Greensville Transport Company


Completely satisfied. - Jean C. Hudgins


Jeff, we can tell that you’ve been to our home. Our carpet hasn’t been this clean and pretty since the last time you rendered your excellent carpet cleaning services. Services are professional and thorough. We are more than satisfied. Jeff was on time and my carpet was cleaned in a very timely manner. We will never use another company for our carpet needs because Jeff and his crew are the BEST!!! Thank you Jeff Hubbard and crew! - Diane T. Champion


Very professional and did an excellent job! Highly recommend!! - Mindy Stewart

A friend referred me. Carpets are cleaner, brighter, and fresher. Areas of concern were addressed and resolved beautifully. Thank you for an excellent job.

- Tracy Tillman


Jeff, your technician, James, performed the “Miracle of the Year”. The carpet looks brand new, a sight I never expected to see. Thank you so very much for a beautiful and professional job! I have engaged many cleaning companies, but never one like Complete Carpet Care. Thank you for performing an outstanding job. You have my vote for the “Very Best”. - Christine D. Flynn, Retired


Technician was prompt, knowledgeable and attentive. I will recommend you to my friends and family. - Amanda Metrejean

I am extremely pleased at how clean and deodorized my carpets are. I’m especially impressed that the pet stains were either completely removed or much improved. This is, by far, the best carpet cleaning service I have ever used. James was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail prior to starting the work, he consulted me along the way and gave me his guarantee to return to fix anything that might not have been done to my satisfaction. Most impressive service and results. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends.

- Cheryl Simmons


The pet odor and stains have been removed. I can’t believe how much effort was put into my carpet without it costing a fortune. The floors look great and there is no odor. I have even introduced a new rule, “no shoes on the carpet ever!”

- Stephanie Austin, Legal Assistant


Cleaners showed up early and finished fast. Will definitely use the company again.

- John Gill, U.S. Navy


Carpets are very clean and service was great. This was my second time using Complete Carpet Care and I am very satisfied. - Phyllis Papp, Retired


First of all, I want to thank you for your professionalism and for being so courteous. You did not mind stopping to answer all of my questions. You and your technician took your time and explained everything you were doing. You were not in a rush to get to your next customer and I appreciate that so much. Most of all, my carpet looks wonderful. I have never had carpet cleaned so well. Thanks again for such a professional job! - Terry Hyatt, Administrative Assistant


My carpet looks great. It’s only 2 years old and I didn’t realize how much dirt it had collected being relatively new. Jeff is a very reliable and pleasant technician. I feel comfortable referring him to my family and friends because I know he will make their carpet look like new. I referred my daughter and she said, “WOW! I can’t believe my carpet looks so new after seven years with no cleaning. He removed stains I thought wouldn’t come out. My clean sofa looks great too.” - Sarah H. Walden


Well first of all, the two guys that were here were very friendly, and very clean looking. My carpet is not new and I have had many pet accidents. I did not mind paying extra for the pet odor treatment for the carpet pad. I could not believe how much yellow came out of the carpet. We usually shampoo the carpet ourselves, but we could never have gotten that out without this service. We just painted our whole house and bought a lot of new furniture. Now with the carpet looking great, I feel this was the cream on the pudding in getting my house back to where it should be. I will recommend your company. - Helen Elkins


They were awesome! I have five animals that I share my home with and because of that there were some troublesome areas. Complete Carpet Care dealt with the spots so effectively that you cannot tell the animals were here before the cleaning. And it didn't cost an arm and a leg to do it! I highly recommend them to everyone. Jeff is consistent in making sure that you are satisfied too! - S. Austin


My carpet looks new. I’m very grateful for the wonderful service. They were very efficient. - Beverly Truitt, Retired


We have been using this company for several years because of their experience and ability to clean berber carpet. Now we have a newer looking carpet and it isn’t real wet after cleaning. -D. Keefer


Our carpet and rugs look like new. They did a great job cleaning our carpet with very little inconvenience to us. Even our dog got along fine with the workers.

- Tommy Caldwell, Retired


Jeff has cleaned my carpet for over 13 years. When he first came to my home he was personable, on time and friendly. As time went on, he returned to clean my carpet and even gave me tips on high traffic areas. Jeff doesn’t feel like just my carpet cleaner, he is a friend. He listens and remembers prior conversations. Jeff makes you feel like you are more than just another customer. Honest, friendly people are hard to find, but I’ve found all of that in Jeff. I always request him and I always recommend your company. - Valerie Melvin


I chose your company because of the quality of job performance in the past. Your deep cleaning allows me to spot clean for longer periods in-between professional cleanings. - Karla Cline, Senior Property Manager


“No muss - no fuss!” We feel very comfortable with Jeff and our rugs look great! Our carpeting is fresh and clean. Jeff is more like a friend than our carpet cleaner. We know Complete Carpet Care will always do an excellent job. Many thanks! - Dolores Schiavo, Homemaker I called because of my past experience with your company and the excellent timely service. You fit my schedule as requested. It’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about honesty and integrity with this company.

- William Gaddy, Lowes Customer Service


Our carpets were heavily soiled after 3 years of dirt from a child and pets. Now they look as good as new. The technician was great and explained everything he was doing. We are amazed how nice the carpets turned out! You did a terrific job.

- Carl Juneau, Estimator


The owner of the business was my personal contact and he came to my home to do the work himself. I appreciated the comfort of bringing someone into my home I felt comfortable with. Everything was professional, attentive and efficient.

- Ginger Hampton


Your service provided a deeper cleaning and problem areas are finally spot-free.

- Dawn Johnson, Self-Employed


Very professional! And fast too! I had to have my carpets professionally cleaned before I moved out and this experience was the best part of my whole weekend. Thanks! - John Belby


Excellent! - Susan Rogers


My carpet looks so much better! I highly recommend them. The price was nice also. Thanks! - Kelly Jones


Jeff, you did a great job. I had my carpet cleaned about a year ago by a different, more expensive company and you did a much better job. I loved the service and will recommend you to others. - Debbie Laws


I have used your service previously and have always been pleased. I can see the true color of the carpet. - M. Mahek


I have used your service several times and have always been highly pleased with the results. Your service is excellent in all respects. - D. J. Drake, Retired Judge


I’m an 83 year old widow and due to health problems I can’t keep up with my home the way I use to. I’m so very pleased with the way my carpet turned out. It looks brand new - people can’t believe that it’s 11 years old. Complete Carpet Care is everything they tell you and they are the best you can find. I would not call anyone else to clean my carpet!!! I give them a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

- Georgia Rose, Retired


Your service is phenomenal, it saves us time and hassle. I can’t think of one thing to make it better. - Erin Ruane, Online Retailer


Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your “Healthy Home” newsletter. It’s just as perfect as your cleaning services. Many thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I will be sure to let my neighbors know of your super cleaning services. Regards. - Estelle Schlipf, Retired


This was the best and most professional rug cleaning I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve had a few - believe me. The cleaner came on time and the whole process was easy for me. He was very efficient and left me with a new blue carpet - minus the spots. I have already recommended you to someone so I guess that is my best testimonial.

- Frances Johnson, Volunteer


I appreciated the fact that your technician was well informed and explained everything ahead of time. I was concerned about certain stains and you were successful at removing them. The carpet looks very clean without being soaked which was a concern of mine. I will use Complete Carpet Care in the future.

- Marcia Sandler, Office Manager


I have never been happier with a carpet cleaning service. I couldn't believe how great my furniture looked. I no longer feel that I need to buy a new sofa.

- Dorothy Drake, Registered Nurse


Jeff was polite, professional, and efficient. The carpet still looks great 2 weeks after he cleaned it. - Sherry Warren


Jeff, I was most pleased with how terrific the carpet in the room over the garage turned out. I can now have people go upstairs and enjoy that room. The staircase looks terrific, as did the rest of my carpet. The sofa and loveseat also look like new. Thanks again for such prompt, courteous service. - Devon Sorlie


Outstanding customer service. The whole process from scheduling the appointment, receiving a reminder phone call confirming the appointment, arriving as scheduled, and providing outstanding service, I was truly impressed. All my questions were thoroughly answered before, during, and after the cleaning. They have my business and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for a job well done. - Douglas Ives, U.S. Air Force


We have used Complete Carpet Care three (3) different times. Jeff always does an excellent job cleaning the carpets and our sofa. We always feel that he does an extremely great cleaning job. We will use his company again. - Marlene Broome


Excellent Job! I was really impressed how the carpets dried so quickly. All my bad spots were removed and the traffic areas restored. The technician that came out was very professional and there were no high pressure sales. Great value for the price! I will definitely call again. - Sandra Bennett, Store Manager


I sent my request in and in 5 minutes I had an appointment for the next morning. By 12pm the next afternoon I had brand new looking carpets!!! They were professional, friendly, and systematic. Thank you for a GREAT JOB WELL DONE!!!

- Lauren Cipriani


Jeff - you are the best. Always on time and courteous. I get my carpets cleaned twice a year and I can always count on you to provide the best service around. My carpets always look great when you leave. Thanks again for providing such a great service. - Annette Zeigler, Registered Nurse


My daughter recommended your company. My overall experience was excellent. My carpet looks like new. - Ninon Kimel, Homemaker


I have had my carpet cleaned by them once before. They do a wonderful job. I wouldn’t have anyone else do it. - Kelly Jones


The technician was very attentive to my concerns and made me feel comfortable. My carpet is about 25 years old and after your cleaning it looks wonderful and 20 years newer. - Helen Massenburg, Retired Registered Nurse


I am so impressed with the quality of their work. I managed to track black oil-based spray paint all over my new carpet. Jeff got all the stains out -- it looks like new! He was on time, and I feel his prices are reasonable. I am definitely going to use their service again. - Kristie Knutson


I am very satisfied with Complete Carpet Care. Jeff has been cleaning our carpets for a number of years. At one point we took a break and had a friend do our cleaning - it just wasn’t up to Jeff’s level of performance. We are now using Complete Carpet Care exclusively again. Jeff always does an excellent job on our carpets, they always look great and they smell nice and clean. We look forward to having them come every month. Jeff is always happy, prompt and never a no-show. We have a second location in Newport News that we have just acquired and we are having Complete Carpet Care service that location as well. We are very happy with Complete Carpet Care and highly recommend them.

- Sharon, Manager of The Melting Pot Restaurant


Awesome job!!! Our carpets needed a GOOD cleaning and now the carpets are the cleanest they have been in years! Great experience - fast and did a wonderful job. Thank you so very much!! - Daniel Wilson, Command Master Chief - U.S. Navy


Very timely with initial contact and flexible when I needed to change the appointment. Promptly arrived at designated time of 7am. Did a great job cleaning carpet that hadn't been cleaned in several years. High traffic areas look brand new. - LuAnne Corrado Jeff did a wonderful job cleaning the carpet in our three bedrooms. The carpets haven't been professionally cleaned in over three years. The bedroom carpets look brand new now. - Stephen Levorse


Overall service was outstanding. - Rod McWha, Photographer


I used Complete Carpet Care to clean all the carpets in my deceased Mom’s house in order to prepare the house for selling. Jeff did an excellent job. He was reliable, courteous, professional and friendly. All the carpets came out 200% cleaner and has made a huge difference in the overall appearance and marketability of the home. Would definitely used their carpet cleaning services again and will recommend them to all clients and acquaintances. - Pat Kilinski, Realtor


Did a great job. We have 3 dogs and before the cleaning it was pretty obvious, now the carpet looks like we don't even have pets. I am happy to have a carpet cleaner I can rely on and continue to call in the future. - M. Snider, Administrative Assistant


I was most impressed with how quickly the carpets dried. In the past I have had my carpet cleaned by a different company and the carpets were left really wet. Great job. - Doris Lee,


Homemaker I have used Complete Carpet Care for my carpet cleaning needs for a few years now. I am very impressed by the work they do and for the price they do it for. Dealing with them is always a positive experience. Thanks. - Donna O’Prandy


I called because of a previous experience with your company. My carpets look like new again and there were LOTS of spots prior to the cleaning. Overall experience was great and the carpets dried fast! - Cathy Price, Homemaker


Excellent service from initial contact to the follow up call before and after the service was performed. Have used the other "steam" cleaners in the past and we will not go back to them. Carpets are Karastan and 9 years old with two kids and a Bichon dog, they have been cleaned twice before and never looked this good. Company is a strong recommend from my experience. - Michael W.


Quick to schedule appointment. Showed up right on time. Very professional. Did not try to oversell. Listened to what I wanted. Went above and beyond by moving a very large bed to clean underneath it. I am very satisfied with the service I received and I trust this company. I will recommend this company to others. - Linda Biesack


We had not had our carpet cleaned for much too long a time. We knew we needed an exceptionally good cleaning. I looked through the yellow pages and read the information there and then looked at the web sites of what appeared to be the better companies. I was impressed with the information provided by Complete Carpet Care. Looking through its lengthy list of references, I found someone I knew and called her. She could not have been more positive. We scheduled Complete Carpet Care, and it was as good, if not better, than its word in advertising. The carpet, now about ten years old, looks like new. - Jess Stribling


We could not have been more pleased with Complete Carpet Care. Jeff was extremely flexible with scheduling, arrived right on time, was courteous, professional and very careful of our new paint job! I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for excellent results combined with exemplary service.

- Sandy Ballard, Curriculum Director


We received a card in the mail offering a free estimate. We were impressed with Jeff at the time of the quote, he was very knowledgeable. We now have beautifully cleaned and deodorized carpets with Scotchgard protection. Very pleased with service. - Virginia Conrad, Retired


I highly recommend them. Carpets look like new and dried fast. I have used them several times and they are always on time. They have always called to confirm the appointment and follow up with me after the job.

- Angela Hill, Certified Nurses Assistant


We are very happy with Complete Carpet Care. Our carpets are very clean and look like new again. You did a very good job. - L. & E. Gibson


Jeff, your professional, personable and polite demeanor opened our door to your business services as we discussed the job estimate. As first time customers for professional carpet cleaning, your professional and technical knowledge and forthright information allowed us to make a comfortable decision on the spot, choosing to get the job done. After ten years of spills, cats and children, you returned our carpets to their original brand new look and feel. Customer service and satisfaction and your outstanding work ethic are truly your forte. Our family and

friends are really impressed at how great you made our carpets look. Thank you for a job extremely well done. Our regards. - Ray and Carolyn Kubik


I am very pleased with the results of your carpet cleaning. The carpets look wonderful. They smell great and were dry in a matter of a few short hours. The carpets have never been cleaned this well with any other service we have used. Your professionalism and thoroughness were very evident. I will gladly pass along your number to our friends. Thank you for doing such a great job!

- Lana Sexton, Office Manager


Jeff did a very complete job cleaning a floor that really was a test. He takes pride in his work and made sure we were happy with the result. - Jack G.


I have had our white wall-to-wall carpet cleaned every year since 1956, but never as well as by Jeff Hubbard. I will not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone. He is TOPS. - David D. Rudd, Retired


Wow! They showed up right on time as promised. They did an excellent job. Not hurried and very hard working. They removed spots that another cleaning company could not. I highly recommend them. - Debbie Budd, Purchasing We have used your company before and have been happy with your service and professionalism. You did an outstanding job cleaning our carpets once again. You know your business. With twin toddler boys we are very excited to have clean carpet again. Thank you for your great service.

- Gretchen Renlund, Homemaker, Mother of Twins, Navy Veteran


It was wonderful to see how clean the carpet looked afterwards. Great job!

- Sheryl Menah, Nutritional Consultant


Jeff, thank you very much for Scotchgarding my carpet! Everything that has ended up on the carpet has been easily cleaned up. - K. Nichols


It is absolutely marvelous having clean carpeting. You did a great job! Spots out, dried quickly and no odor. I was impressed with your cleaning equipment and using the “extraction” method, because I know it cleans deep down with no soap residue and does not soak the carpet. We had quick service and are completely satisfied. Will recommend Complete Carpet Care to our friends and tell them of your expert service. - Lora Sawyer, Retired


Jeff knocked it out of the ball park. He was on time, and he did what he said he would do. I would/will recommend him to everyone! See you in 6 months!!

- Mike Wagar, Portsmouth VA


I discovered Complete Carpet Care on the internet and after reading all the great reviews decided to give them a try, and boy, I am glad I did! Our carpets had not been cleaned in 4 years and they look brand new! I loved that they dried so quickly and there was no evidence of cleaning/chemical smell. Jeff was personable, prompt, and professional. I will use them again and definitely recommend their carpet service. Complete Carpet Care is complete satisfaction! - Lynn H.


Phenomenal!!! Outstanding Service! In the past, I have used other companies who use chemicals to clean so I have a little bit of an understanding of the different methods available. I can honestly say that the method that Jeff uses is far superior. We made the switch about a year ago and will never go back to any other type of carpet cleaning. Jeff is extremely trustworthy and very personable. He offers a free in home estimate with no obligation. I personally had him come out two years ago and give me an estimate but decided to go with a cheaper company that uses

chemicals. The following year, last year, I had Jeff come out and clean and there was a noticeable difference in the quality, both to the touch and appearance. Additionally, due to the method that Complete Carpet Care uses, your carpets aren't left soaked for hours, you can literally walk on them right away. I just had Jeff come by for the second year in a row this morning and I am still amazed at the difference. He will have my business as long as I live in the Hampton Roads area. Thank you so much for your great service! - J. L. Holloway, U.S. Navy


Jeff was on time and able to get the carpets looking like new. He was very professional and easy to work with. - John R., Virginia Beach


Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with your service. We thought we would be buying new carpet soon but after 11+ years of service and your cleaning service, the carpets look like new again! Thank you very much! We will be contacting you again when we need the carpets cleaned again.

- V/R, Al Burns


My cat is 18 years old and has a few kidney issues. Without getting into too many graphic details, suffice it to say that we need our carpets cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Complete Carpet Care is the affordable, careful and they clean and leave the carpet smelling as though my cat had never been in the house. We have never had a stain on our carpet that they have been unable to remove. We have found the staff to be professional and nice and recommend them for any carpet cleaning job that you may have. - Tess, Virginia Beach


Very good work! Complete Carpet care provided excellent service! The owner, Jeff, was on time and very professional. The work was exceptional and my carpet looks brand new again! I would highly recommend this company...you won't be disappointed. Raquel Great work, Jeff!! I still cannot believe how beautiful my carpets are, I keep looking at them. Thanks a billion. - J.P.


I called Jeff for an estimate, he came, gave me an estimate, after which I proceeded to call SS (a competitor) for a comparison estimate. They informed me they did not come to your house, but only gave estimates over the phone. I did not like that, it made me suspicious and I proceeded to look at their reviews and I was horrified. What terrible reviews they had. I immediately called Jeff back to schedule a cleaning. Jeff arrived a few minutes BEFORE the appointment time -- no waiting, no calling to see where he was or if he were still coming -- he was here, on time, professional, kind and courteous. My carpet is 16 years old, is white, it was soiled beyond belief and in my heart I knew there was no hope, but thought anything would be better than what I was looking at every day. Jeff told me he would do his best and hoped I would be pleased -- Pleased is an understatement -- my carpet looks beyond fabulous. I am still running from room to room looking at my beautiful carpet - it looks brand new! I thought it was not possible. I was shocked, amazed, and could not believe my eyes at the final outcome. When Jeff finished and I saw the rooms, the stairs, the hallway, I almost had tears in my eyes, I was so overwhelmed that the carpet could look new again. I cannot begin to explain the

"rebirth" of my carpet and I would never use anyone but Jeff to clean my carpet. His

work is truly unbelievable. When I got the statement it was exactly the same as the

estimate was - no bait and switch here. This was the best check I have ever written. I am referring him to all my friends. The words "Thank you, Jeff" cannot begin to express my gratitude -- KUDOS, Jeff, Way to go!!!!

- Joanne M. Parham, Yorktown, Va.